Azerbaijan has been called the land of fires. For centuries, this territory has always attracted a lot of attention from guests, invaders, and traders.

Azerbaijan is so varied that you can meet 9 climatic zones here.

We advise you to visit 3 unforgettable cities of Azerbaijan:

Sheki is a city of sweets and incredible nature. Located in the mountains, it has ancient picturesque streets, many attractions, such as the Palace of the Sheki Khans, the Albanian Church of Kish, Karvansaray, etc.
The city has a long history, a large number of different peoples lived here.

Gabala — Gabala is a city of Azerbaijan which is distinguished by its novelty, the city has been attracting tourists for many years.
Tourists come here to enjoy nature, ride on mountain ropes in the mountain Tufandag.

Baku is the heart of Azerbaijan, a favorite city of tourists.
Incredible and unforgettable city.
Many people call it the city of winds. But we call Baku a city outside of time. The city between the past and the future.
Baku includes the stories of ancient people, the history of trade routes. This city was visited by many commanders of the Middle Ages, European historians, oil producers, and many others.

By turning on the video below, you can see our guests visiting these beautiful three cities of Baku-Gabala-Sheki:

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