Corporate Services

AZ Travel offers its clients the following consulting services as part of managing the process of organizing business trips:

Travel Management – professional management of the processes of organizing, ordering and administering corporate trips and solving related issues of budget control and optimization. Systematization of management and analytical reporting.

Expense Management – consulting on optimizing a company’s budget for business travel. Analysis of the current and development of a new corporate policy in the field of organizing business and incentive trips (Travel & Entertainment Policy), promoting a system for monitoring and preventing cases of its violation. Reporting to the client’s regulatory services.

Working with suppliers (Supply Management) – conducting negotiations and tenders with suppliers (airlines, hotels, etc.) on behalf of the client, obtaining the most competitive prices for services. Monitoring the execution and application of special client prices by providers. Maintaining reports and analyzing statistics on working with suppliers. Proposals for further improvement of contractual terms between the client and suppliers.

Data Consolidation – development, implementation and adaptation of a system for recording detailed information on corporate travel for the purpose of further internal financial and management analysis. Generating multidisciplinary reports from the database.

Cost analysis (Fare Saving Reports) – creation of a client-specific reporting system that allows you to analyze the reasons for savings / overspending of the corporate budget on business trips.

Management Accounting – creation of a personalized reporting system for organizing business and incentive trips for the client’s internal purposes.

Storing data on passengers (Travelers Profiles) – creating and constantly updating a system of personal profiles of the client’s traveling employees for automatic use when making orders.

Analysis of claims (Reclamation Analysis) – taking into account claims against providers (airlines, hotels, etc.) and conducting negotiations on their consideration and settlement on behalf of the client.

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