We are engaged in yacht rental, and in our database of yachts the best prices.

Your guests renting a yacht can also arrange banquets, weddings, birthday, and other events.

The yacht route in Baku includes a unique route that will allow guests to see the city of Baku from a unique perspective. Also, the yacht approaches the island of Zirvia, located not far from the Absheron Peninsula.
Despite the fact that the Caspian Sea is always windy, this will not prevent us from enjoying the Caspian Sea and the breathtaking view of the city of Baku.

For more information about yachts in Baku, for their reservation, for organizing banquets and receptions in them, write to us by mail: incoming@aztravel.online
or to our phone number: +994 51 335 00 60 (have a whatsapp)

Be sure that our yachts have all the conditions for relaxation, the music is especially good, you can include your songs.

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