Taxi prices in Azerbaijan are very unstable.

Many tourists arriving in Azerbaijan are interested in current taxi prices. As in all tourist areas of the world, taxi is a common problem. Guests arriving in Azerbaijan often meet with high taxi prices.

In order to avoid artificial taxi prices in Azerbaijan, we recommend using taxi ordering applications. The most popular of them are:

Upon arrival in Azerbaijan, download the application data to your smartphone and order a taxi. These are the most profitable taxi booking options.
Taxi prices in Azerbaijan are calculated in local currency Azerbaijani manat
1 manat (AZN) — 0.60 USD

the lowest price for a taxi within the city of Baku is 2 manat.

The price from the airport to the city is from 12 to 20 manats in normal taxis.
But they can offer you a street price of 20 to 50 manat

At the airport of Baku, they can offer you a price three times more expensive.

If you do not want to use the taxi services in Azerbaijan, you can write us a mail and we will offer you our options for cars for transfer and work in the city.

You can also use our car rental services.

We hope this article has helped you.

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