5 main reasons to visit Baku / Azerbaijan

1. Baku is a unique city for guests.

It includes the modernity of the 21st century, and the centuries-old history of ancient peoples living in peace and friendship for many years.

The people here are hospitable, friendly and welcoming. Tolerance today is not in all cities of the CIS. Baku is one of not many cities where people are responsive and will help in all cases of life.

2. City in the City.
The ancient city of the 12th century, which many commanders wanted to conquer, but could not.
The ancient city of Icheri Sheher, is located in the heart of Baku. From here, guests can plunge into the 12th century, and feel comfortable as in modern times.

The Maiden Tower, located in the old city, has many legends. But as archaeologists say it has a different purpose. One of the versions, the construction of this type was intended to study astronomy.
It has an interesting form of construction and is unique in this.

3. Youth, and youth organizations.
Baku is called the city of winds. Yes, indeed, there is wind all year round, but youth is in full swing all year round. This is a city boiling with young blood. The energy of the city pulls itself forever.
Arriving here once, it is not possible to return here.
Youth organizations are actively involved in city life and development. It is not possible to imagine, without their strengths, the events of ‘Formula 1’, ‘Folk Holidays’, ‘Heat Festival’, city concerts for no reason, and much more.

4. As our tourists say …
Our tourists visiting Azerbaijan in search of new sensations and colorful atmosphere find what they are looking for.
They are very inspired by the traces of ancient people who once painted on the rocks of Gobustan, starting from bowing to fire, they built a temple of fire worshipers Ateshgah.
Not possible to see these attractions will not be surprised. Natural gas burning on the surface of the mountain is especially surprising. This mountain is not known how many years it has been burning, maybe 1000 years, and maybe 100 thousand years.

5. Fire, wind, dancing, sea, mountains ..

In the fiery country of Azerbaijan, in the windy capital of Baku, the Caspian Sea dances, invoking the Caucasus Mountains to a duel.
Here is the fifth reason to come to Baku.
Become a part of it ..

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